• FroogalParking

    FroogalParking is the "Swiss Army Knife" of parking solutions. You can scan bar codes, manage cash and swipe credit cards from a mobile device.

  • Ticketmaster Certified

    FroogaliT is a certified partner of Ticketmaster and that enables our teams to accept pre-paid parking passes via their access manager with our device.


Scan bar codes, manage cash and swipe credit cards from a mobile device while capturing actionable intelligence including vehicle & pedestrian counts, traffic patterns and passenger data.

Powerful Features

FroogalParking improves your customers experience by enabling fans to quickly pay with credit or debit cards, cash or a Pre-Paid Ticketmaster parking pass in the parking lots.

Not only do we enable teams to capture real-time consumer analytics about their customers in the parking lots which can be integrated into data warehouses.

With the FroogalParking back office, you can manage and report on scanned bar codes, cash and credit card transactions.  Dynamically update devices issued in the field with new pricing in near real-time and so much more.

FroogalParking enables teams to utilize many devices running an android OS.  Some of our recommended hardware options include the PM80 ruggedized laser scanner and Galaxy S model phones.  We have multiple card readers, EMV, MSR and multiple printer options.  Mix and match hardware to meet your venue's needs.


Ensure you can transact at all times in your parking lots with the FroogalParking connection options. FroogalParking allows you to transact from a cellular connection or your own in-house wifi or use both.


For teams that run a data warehouse, we can create a customized data importing service.

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