FroogalPay connects to virtually every credit card processor and turbo charges


standard payment gateways with powerful features like bill presentment, easy to integrate APIs, custom field creation, and automated level 2 data population.

Simply put, FroogalPay ties together the most complicated of payment ecosystems so that all the different pieces work in unison.

Payment Integrations


FroogalPay boasts over 24 payment systems integrated in our platform.  Use our system to transact on any of the platforms with a single login or simply use FroogalPay to report and manage your payment ecosystem.  Whether you transact with us or with one of our integrated systems FroogalPay reports on everything!

Accounting plugins

Drastically reduce operational hours manually inputting data into your accounting system.  With FroogalPay, collect all your days transactions from systems like PayPal, Tgate, First Data and automatically load them into your desired accounting system in real time.


Powerful Features

With FroogalPay Bill Presentment, merchants can send links via email or text to their customers to collect credit card or banking information.

Merchants no longer need to receive sensitive customer information over the phone, through the mail or email, which removes the risk of information being stolen and is significantly less expensive than a IVR system.

Eliminate PCI-DSS Risk in four simple steps by removing the handling of sensitive cardholder data.

1.  Enter billing info

In seconds a merchant can create a bill that can be customized to include additional fields of data that the merchant wants to capture.

2.  Generate a URL

A secure payment page with the $ amount and the information pre-populated is instantly generated.

3.  Send the link

The custom webpage can be sent directly to the customer via email or text message.

4.  Customer pays their bill

Customer can enter payment information from a mobile device or a computer.

FroogalPay’s Hosted Payment Page is dramatically easier to integrate into a business versus other payment systems.  Merchants can also integrate into our simple set of API’s in a few hours alternatively, merchants can upload their logos and have their own custom hosted payment page in seconds.

The Hosted Payment Page can process credit cards and ACH transactions as well as any custom fields of data the merchant chooses to add.

FroogalPay automatically populates all B2B transactions with the necessary Level 2 data to ensure that merchants do not pay costly interchange fee penalties associated with non-qualified Level 2 cards.  

FroogalPay can reduce a merchant’s interchange fees by up to 25% on B2B transactions.  See if you qualify for these dramatic savings today.

FroogalPay enables merchants to create their own fields of data to capture from their customers.  Some possibilities include client name, client numbers, matter numbers, subject matter, billing employee, and internal account holder.

FroogalPay integrates payment data into the following accounting and payroll software enabling merchants to save time, reduce labor costs and improve accuracy and efficiency.

FroogalPay connect with almost every credit card processors.  Whether you have your own merchant account or need help obtaining one, we have relationships with several credit card processors and help get you started.